What happens to the Body by not eating rice for a Month

Umair Butt

Rice is a part of our routine life although rice more than the required limit can be dangerous for our health. Because if they have necessary and mandatory carbohydrates but on the other hand they have a lot of starch which is actually not good for our health. According to the experts, extra use of refined white rice can cause of increase in weight and blood sugar.

Have you ever thought about these considerations? that if a person subtracts rice from his list of foods for a month then what exactly the changes will appear in the body. The first change will appear in your body, and your weight will dramatically decrease. 

Because the calories from your meal will decrease once you stop eating rice and this is the main reason for reducing weight. Plus the level of your blood sugar will also be normal. However, these incredible changes will only appear in your body, if you skip the rice and other alternative carbohydrate meals. 

So the main changes you will feel

  • Changes in Weight
  • Impact on Blood Sugar
  • Dietary Fiber Intake
  • Nutrient Intake
  • Changes in Energy Levels
  • Gut Health

If a person doesn't eat rice for a month and after that suddenly starts eating rice then the glucose level will increase fastly. Therefore skipping the rice suddenly is not a proper thing. In fact, we should learn when and how much we should eat rice. A small bowl of rice every day is not bad for our health. 


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