Confirmation of Avian Flu in a Dairy Herd of South Dakota

Umair Butt
avian flu in dairy herd

According to the Animal Industry Board and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources the Avian flu has been affirmed in the dairy herd of South Dakota. 

Confirmation of Avian Flu

This is the first confirmation of avian flu in this state, but in the United States, it's one of several cases. The confirmation of flu was done on the 9th of April as per the U.S Department of Agriculture. Even on the same day, the avian flu confirmation was also done in herds in North Carolina and New Mexico, Texas. Since the 25th of March, this flu has been confirmed in almost 20 dairy cattle herds.

News Release of DANR and AIB

In a news release according to DANR and AIB, at this point, there is no worry about the wellbeing of the business milk supply or chance to buyer wellbeing. Consumption of raw milk or unpasteurized milk is not recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. In the news release, the AIB and DANR also said that Purification has constantly been demonstrated to effectively inactivate microscopic organisms and infections, similar to flu, in milk.

Statement of Dr.Beth Thompson

According to the statement of veterinarian Dr.Beth Thompson in a March 29 KELOLAND News story, for human consumption pasteurized milk is the most commonly used.

This has encouraged dairy operators they continuously monitor their herds and enforce biosecurity plans. There are different symptoms of avian flu in dairy cattle and these are

  • Low appetite
  • Decreased Lactation


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