Obesity is Rising at the Fastest Rate in Which of the Following Countries

Umair Butt
obesity is rising

Obesity is now the global epidemic affecting both developing and developed nations. This has been considered as a major problem for the high-income countries. There are a lot of countries experiencing obesity but the fastest rates of this problem are the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Hungary, and Australia. In the previous few decades, these countries have faced a major surge in obesity rates and this actually increasing serious people's health concerns.

United States

Obesity has reached alarming levels in the United States because approximately one-third of the adult population is facing Obesity issues. This trend is commonly troubling among adolescents and children, where the obesity prevalence has more than tripled since the 1970s. There are multiple factors contribute to the crisis of obesity in the United States and these are

  • Unhealthy diets high in sugar and fat
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Limited access to healthy foods and safe places for physical activity


Mexico also one of the top most obese countries in the world, is facing a similar challenge. The consumption of various things has led to a rapid increase in obesity rates and these are
  • Sugary beverages and high-calorie
  • low-nutrient foods
Various initiatives have been implemented by the Government of Mexico to address this issue, including sugary drinks taxes and regulations on food advertising targeting children.

New Zealand, Hungary, and Australia

These countries are also grappling with increasing rates of obesity. They are facing almost the same challenges related to changing dietary habits, urbanization, and sedentary lifestyles. Without effective intervention strategies, the obesity rate can increase in these countries. As a result, expenses will increase in terms of healthcare, and diseases can appear in people due to obesity such as diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.


In conclusion, obesity is a complicated issue with several causes that require comprehensive and major solutions. Healthcare providers, communities, and governments should work together to promote healthy lifestyles. The access to nutritious foods should improve and some environments should be created that will support physical activities. Only through these incredible collective efforts, we hope to decrease the rising rates of obesity.


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