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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an incredibly fascinating destination and place that offers much inside the country. There are different emirates in the country but Dubai is the most well-known emirate. The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi also boasts a wealth of history, the latest attractions, and culture. Fortunately, both cities are relatively close, so it's convenient and easy for travellers to journey from one place to another. In this article, we will guide you through different and easy options for transportation and will share the tricks on how to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi seamlessly.

Use the Most Common Option By Road:

by road

The most famous and popular option to travel is by road and it's a flexible way if you want to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai, follow this to proceed

Using of Private Car: You can use the services of a private vehicle, and take the Sheikh Zayed Road, a fully maintained and professional highway connecting the two cities. The tenure drive can take around 1.5 to 2 hours, according to the number of traffic.

Using of Rental Car: Renting a car vehicle is one of the best and most convenient options for travellers who like and prefer freedom, so they can explore at their own pace. There are a number of car rental agencies available in both cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Taxis: The availability of Taxis is really easy in Dubai and can get on the street or even can book online using the applications. They can provide you the pleasure of travelling to Abu Dhabi, but this option can be expensive compared to other options. 

Very Comfortable Option By Bus

by bus

There are a number of various bus services that are operating in between two cities Abu Dhabi and Dubai, making it a comfortable and cost-effective choice for those travellers who are conscious about their budget. The journey can take approximately two hours, and you can catch buses at the different locations of these cities, including the main bus stations. 

By Shared Shuttle

The services of Shared Shuttle are a hassle-free option for travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. These option services are available usually at airports and various key locations. They provide a comfortable and convenient transportation mode for travellers, with the additional benefit of door-to-door service.

Quick Method of By Air

by air

The quickest and fastest way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai is by taking a flight. There are a number of flights operating between Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) and Dubai International Airport (DXB). The flight duration is approximately half an hour, in this tenure, the procedure of security and check-in is not included. 

Tricks for a Pleasure Journey

  • To avoid the heavy and complicated traffic on the road, schedule your trip during the off-peak hours.
  • The schedule of the flight or bus should be checked in advance and book your tickets, if necessary.
  • Keep your documents of travelling, identification and tickets relevant to the transportation easily accessible.
  • A small bag with a few essentials should be considered, as well as water and snacks during the journey.
  • You should have knowledge about the requirements of COVID-19 and the latest travel advisories and they may affect the conditions of travel.


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