How many steps a heart patient should walk in a day

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walk in a day

Walking is an effective and simple method to improve the health of cardiovascular, and it is primarily beneficial for patients of heart. For people who have experienced issues related to the heart such as heart disease or heart attack, incorporating daily physical activity into their normal routine can be the main reason for their speedy recovery and ongoing health of the heart. 

How many steps a heart patient should walk in a day to reduce the chances of death before time. The Spanish Scientists have given the answer to this question in a new research. According to the mail online, the experts have given statements at the end of the research that walking eight thousand steps in a day may prevent premature death. 

According to the experts from the University of Granada, if you are walking 2700 steps or 2 kilometers in a day then the chances of heart disease and stroke can be reduced. However, if a person is walking eight thousand and seven hundred steps in a day, the risk of getting these types of diseases and dying prematurely is reduced by 50-60%.

The Importance of Walking for the Patients of Heart

importance of walking

Walking is one of the easy exercises and has low impact form. It offers a number of benefits for patients of hearts such as:

Improvement of Cardiovascular Health

cardiovascular health

Daily walking can increase heart efficiency, blood circulation can be improved, and the chances heart heart-related issues also can be reduced.

Weight Management

weight management with walking

Maintenance of a healthy weight is very important for patients of hearts and walking can burn calories incredibly and shed excess pounds.

Normal Blood Pressure

normal blood pressure

Walking is also very good for maintaining normal blood pressure. It also reduces the strain on the heart and also decreases the hypertension risk.

Better Level of Cholesterol

If you walk regularly this can elevate HDL which is a good level of Cholesterol and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, which is good and beneficial for your health.

Enhanced Mental Health

Walking is one of the healthy physical activities that release the endorphins and stress. So it actually enhances mental health which is mandatory for heart patients. 

However, there are a number of various factors that a heart patient can depend on including their present level of fitness, overall health, and if any other thing recommended by their healthcare provider. Here we have described some general and normal guidelines:

Consult with a Professional Healthcare

Before starting any kind of walking or exercise program, heart patients should consult with some professional healthcare experts. Because an expert or medical professional can give some important instructions according to the current and specific condition of the patient and any limitations they may have.

Start at a Slow Pace

If you are a beginner in exercise or recovering from the event of some cardiac problem, it's mandatory and recommended to begin slowly. Start with a walk of less duration and gradually increase the time and intensity as the level of your fitness improves. 


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