Top 3 most visited places in Turkey for tourists in 2024

Dua Fatima

Turkey, one of the most explored countries of the world, holds a treasure of famous places that are some of the top contenders that are categorized by their unique appeal. Let's dive deep down into some breathtaking places.

1- Derinkuyu Underground City:

Derinkuyu underground city is also known as "Elengubu". It is situated in the volcanic rock of Cappadocia in Turkey. It has a depth of 85 meters and serves as a home for 20 thousand people along with their livestock. It was opened to the public in 1969 and hence each year it grabs the attention of thousands of visitors. The city name translates into deep well which indicates the depth and the historical significance of this place. The intricate design showcases the beauty of this place with maximized space and resources such as wells providing ventilation, kitchens, and storage rooms.

2- Buyukada:

Buyukada also called Prinkipo is a charming island that has two prominent hills with lush greenery and several small beaches. It promises a unique and relaxing environment. Many historical churches and monasteries are present in it showcasing the diverse religious heritage. The mode of transportation is primarily horse carriages and bicycle rentals. The restaurants and cafes here offer delicious seafood and Turkish cuisine, especially the prinkipo ice cream.

3- Gaziantep:

It is also known as Aintap is one of the historical gems of Turkey being the sixth most popular city in Turkey while serving as the capital of Gaziantep province. It is famous for its delicious and mouth-watering dishes such as baklava, a dessert prepared with pistachios and syrup. It also provides various kinds of kebabs that you can enjoy with Turkish flatbread called pide. It has a vibrant cultural heritage that you can witness in the crafting, traditional music, and dance performances.


Many other places in Turkey should be explored along with these places such as Galata Tower, Pamukkale, Patara Beach, Bodrum, and Fethiye.


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