Top 7 Foods to Increase the Level of Hemoglobin

Umair Butt

Hemoglobin is one of the most important components of our blood that carries oxygen to the entire body from our lungs. The maintenance of hemoglobin level is mandatory for overall health as low hemoglobin can lead to different issues like anemia and its relevant symptoms, including weakness, pallor, and fatigue. To increase the level of your Hemoglobin you should use a balanced diet. Because this is really useful to boost the level of hemoglobin. Today here in this post, we will discuss the top seven foods that are better for hemoglobin levels. 

Spinach and other Leafy Greens

Spinach and other leafy greens like collard greens, swiss chard, and kale are full of iron, which is a main component of hemoglobin. Spinach is very helpful regarding the production of more hemoglobin in your body. Folate is mandatory and necessary for red blood cell production and vitamin C increases the absorption of iron. You can use spinach in Salad or in smoothies as well. Or as a side dish, you can also enjoy it.

Red Meat

red meat

The red meat of beef and lamb is a main source of heme iron, which is more easily absorbed by the body as compared to the plant-based foods included with non-heme iron. There is a significant and main role of heme iron in the production of hemoglobin. However, the use and consumption of red meat should be moderate because the quantity more than recommended by doctors can have adverse effects on your health.



Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are excellent and perfect plant-based sources of iron making them valuable for vegans and vegetarians. They are also high in fiber and folate. If you include legumes in your regular diet this step will help you to increase the level of hemoglobin in your body. 

Nuts and Seeds

nuts and seeds

In the list of nuts, almond is almost at the top, and in the seeds list sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are at the top, and these are packed with iron and more useful and healthy nutrients. You can easily include them in your routine meals or enjoy them as snacks. Some people consider them only nutritious but they are even tasty, delicious, and easily accessible for snacking on the go.



Pomegranate is one of those fruits that have remarkable benefits for the health. It's rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and iron. Actually, vitamin C in pomegranate is helpful for the body to absorb iron extra efficiently. You can also consume the juice of this fruit or just add the arils to your Salad because this can be so tasty and refreshing way to increase the level of hemoglobin. 



Eggs are one of the best sources of iron, especially heme iron, as well as protein. There are also some mandatory nutrients including in them like folate and B12, and these both are necessary for the production of hemoglobin. Including eggs in your diet can be a versatile and easy method to increase the levels of your hemoglobin.

Fortified Cereals


A lot of cereals are fortified with necessary and mandatory nutrients, including folate and iron. Check the labels on the boxes of cereals to make sure they have these useful nutrients. You can have a bowl of fortified cereal with milk because this is a proper and convenient method to boost the intake of folate and iron.

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