Magnitude 6.4 earthquake in nepal and felt in delhi also

Umair Butt
earthquake in nepal

An earthquake occurred today in Nepal near Ramidanda with a local magnitude of 6.4. Till now no damage has been reported. But according to Suresh Sunar who is one of the top officials in Jajarkot said that it was a big earthquake. Even some damage also affected some houses. They are trying to collect the news because so far no reports of any human injuries. 

According to the reporters, an earthquake in Delhi also occurred. So the earthquake in India today has shaken some buildings in New Delhi. 

Common Causes and Reasons for Earthquakes

Usually, the primary reason for earthquakes in Nepal is the movement of tectonic plates under the surface of the earth. Commonly, when the plates release built-up stress, it results in waves of seismic that are the main causes of an earthquake. The plate of India is presently moving to the direction of northward and pushing under the plate of Eurasian, creating major tension along the fault lines. When this tension is released, it leads to different types of earthquakes.

Impacts on Nepal

The prime minister of Nepal "Pushpa Kamal Dahal" reached the quake site on Saturday after explaining his deep sorrow over the physical and human damage due to this earthquake.

The prime minister of Neighbour country India "Narendra Modi" also expressed his feelings about this big loss and said that India is ready to extend all possible assistance. 

Approximately 132 people have been killed due to this sudden earthquake and according to officials, this earthquake struck a remote area of Nepal. 

A Short History of Earthquakes in Nepal

Nepal has faced and experienced a number of major earthquakes throughout its history. One of the most dangerous and big earthquakes occurred on the 25th of April, 2015. The magnitude of this earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale. Due to this earthquake, thousands of people were killed and it was also a cause of widespread destruction. A large number of people were also injured and displaced. Some more historic earthquakes like the Bihar-Nepal earthquake in 1934 and the Udayapur earthquake in 1988 also left indelible marks and impacts on the history of Nepal. 


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