Working with arrows in adobe InDesign

When you are designing ebooks or even if you are creating brochures, flyers or cv’s in Adobe InDesign, often we need arrows in our documents. So creating arrows in Adobe InDesign is not as difficult as we think. Here we will discuss the process of arrows making in InDesign.

How to make Arrows in Adobe InDesign

First of all, select the line tool from the tools panel.

line tool indesign

Now create or draw a line like this.

line in adobe indesign

Then click on the window option in the top menu bar and then click Stroke.

window stroke in indesign cc

Now on the right side, you can see a Stroke panel will appear like this.

stroke panel adobe indesign

Sometimes you can see stroke panel with weight option only. So make sure show options enabled from the settings menu of the stroke panel. See below

stroke panel show options indesign

Anyway you can see a few options in the stroke panel of the Adobe InDesign and these are

  • Weight
  • Cap
  • Miter Limit
  • Join
  • Align Stroke
  • Type
  • Start/End
  • Scale
  • Align
  • Gap Color
  • Gap Tint

So for a normal arrow, you can change the weight from 1 pt to 10 pt. Then click on Start/End option, you will find some more options in the drop-down menu like this

arrow options for indesign

These options are

  • Bar
  • SquareSolid
  • Square
  • CircleSolid
  • Circle
  • Curved
  • Barbed
  • TriangleWide
  • Triangle
  • SimpleWide
  • Simple

Apply one of them like now I have applied curved option in the start as well in the end also. Now my arrow is something like this

arrows in adobe indesign

Now in the stroke panel if you click type you can see a few options in the drop down.

stroke type options indesign

These options are

  • Solid
  • Multiple Thick and Thin Options
  • Triple
  • Dashed (3 and 2)
  • Dashed (4 and 4)
  • Left Slant Hash
  • Straight Hash
  • Dotted
  • Wavy
  • White Diamond
  • Japanese Dots
  • Dashed

Select one of them, like I have selected triple option now and gap color I have selected yellow like this.

gap color stroke panel indesign

Now my arrow is something like this.

adobe indesign cc arrows

So this is the very simple and quick method which you can use to make or draw beautiful arrows in the Adobe InDesign cc.

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