What is Numerology and the Combination of Names

Today we will discuss the numerology or the knowledge of numbers. So you will come to know about the basics of this knowledge. Even if you are a beginner and even you don’t have any idea about this knowledge you can start from scratch. If you are reading my article, maybe your name is Saima, Umair, Zahid, Anwar or whatever, first of all, the most important thing in Numerology that how many letters you have in your Urdu name.

Combination of Urdu and English Name

For instance, we take the name “Anwar” as an example so there are four letters in this name. But when we take this name as an English name then there are five letters. But in the Numerology the first concept is that if we have odd numbers in the Urdu name then in the English name should also be odd numbers. Until unless you will not resolve this issue, you will face depression, poverty, stress and lots of other problems. Same if you have even numbers in your Urdu name, try to use even numbers in your English name. In short both names (Urdu and English) should odd numbers or even numbers.

combination of the names

Sometimes you face the issues and problems when you go to the passport office or Identity card office. The problem is not your name. The problem is that the combination of your name is different in Urdu and English. Maybe your Urdu name combination is even number and your English name combination is an odd number. Even you go to the market for purchasing of a mobile device or any other item, you can find lots of issues just because of this.

This is extremely an important point in the knowledge of numbers (Numerology). Which I mentioned above. Better the combination of your names should be odd numbers. If you apply these instructions, then you can see a change in your life.

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