Watching tv at this age is Bad for Health

Actually watching TV at any age is not good though Scientists has explained part of the age when watching TV is very dangerous. This part is the most dangerous in whole life. In old age watching extra ordinary TV is not good and these type of people can face weakness of mind and they can also be a patient of the depression. There are also chances of dementia in these people.

The scientists analyzed the people of this age group from 18 to 60. They checked the medical record of these people. Even they also checked the memory test of these persons. In the result they found that the people from 45 to 60 who watch the TV three and half hours daily, their memory was week 10% compare to the other people who watch the TV less time. They asked them to memorize some words but the overall report was 10% less.

These experiences done first time in the 2008 and 2009 and they also did this experience on the same people in 2014. Second time they watched very less bad results of watching TV on the health of those people who watch TV sometimes. On the other hand the people of old age who were watching TV extraordinary, scientists found bad effects on their health.

Post Author: Yasir Butt


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