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Want to Reduce Weight – Best Time for Exercise

Want to Reduce Weight – Best Time for Exercise

In a new research this advice has been given by the Scientists to those people who are working hard to reduce their weight. The advice is that the people should do exercise in the evening. According to the American Scientists the men should do exercise in the evening, if the want to lose weight and women should do exercise in the morning, if they want to reduce their weight.

In this research, the scientists experienced on thirty men and twenty six women in between age of twenty five to thirty. After the research of twelve weeks they came to know that the men who are doing the exercise in between 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, they reduced the weight too much.

The head of this research team Dr. Paul Rosario told during an interview with a broadcasting corporation “there is no doubt that exercise of any time in a day is good for health, but on the other hand of losing weight, then this has been proved in our research that evening exercise is good for men and morning exercise is best for women.


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