Very easy method to add drop cap InDesign

This is the best InDesign tutorial where I will show you a very easy method to use drop cap Indesign. How you can add the drop cap in the paragraphs of your documents. We all know that Adobe InDesign is the software which is really awesome to make professional e-books, magazines templates, and newspapers. Indesign arrows are very important in the software. But the drop cap is also a very important thing when we are designing newspapers or e-books.

How to add Drop Cap InDesign

First of all, open the Adobe Indesign CC software and create a paragraph. I am showing you the method in a simple paragraph then you can apply anywhere in your documents. To create a paragraph you can select type tool on the left side from the tools panel or simple press T key on your keyboard

type tool adobe indesign

Now make a selection with this tool, you can see a blank text frame then click on the type option and then in the last of this menu option, second last option is “fill with placeholder text“. Click on this option you can see InDesign will fill the paragraph like this

fill with placeholder indesign

Now the Adobe InDesign will fill this paragraph with dummy text like this

placeholder dummy text indesign

I will use now only one paragraph text in this. Now click on the window option in the menu bar then move the mouse cursor to type & tables, in this section, you can see “Paragraph”, click this option or simply press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard. The paragraph panel will active in your software.

paragraph panel adobe indesign

Now in this panel on the top right side, you can see the close option, just below this click on the settings icon where you can see a few options like this.

paragraph panel settings option

There are different options and one of them is Drop Caps and Nested Styles. Select your paragraph then click on this option or simple press Ctrl + Alt + R on your keyboard. A new window will appear like this

drop cap indesign and nested styles

Now in the Lines option change, 1 to 3 and the character option should be 1, but you can change the settings according to your requirements. After changing the lines option to 3 you can see drop cap will appear in the first word.

adobe indesign drop cap paragraph

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