Use Touch type tool to create Beautiful text in Adobe Illustrator

When we design some templates for our work, that time we need some beautiful text. Especially when we are working in Adobe Illustrator CC. Here I will show you how to create beautiful text with touch type tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. Just because of the tool name you can understand the value of this tool, that some retouching type effects you can apply to any text.

How to use touch type tool

Before using this tool, you have to write or type normal text in your Illustrator document with normal text tool which is called type tool in this software. Or simply press T on your keyboard and you can start typing.

type tool illustrator cc

Type any text in your document and use any font settings for the text Like I have used this text. See below.

type text illustrator cc

Now after type tool in the same tools section the last tool is Touch type tool, select this tool and simply press Shift + T on your keyboard. This step will activate and enable the tool in your document where you have already typed the text.

Now when you activate this tool then you can click on a character to select. So all letters are now separately can be selected. Like I have selected the U letter according to my word and document. See below

individual letter selected illustrator cc

So when you select one individual letter you can see that transform control will appear only with that specific letter and now you can see all anchor points with that letter. Select any anchor point and then change the size of that letter like see below

individual letter change size illustrator

You can also change the color. Then you can see an anchor point on the top center as well. Just move the mouse cursor on that side, rotation control will appear. So you can also rotate this letter. You can see below the result

touch type tool adobe illustrator cc

Now, this step you can apply for all individual letters and in the last, you find the stunning and beautiful text.

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