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Sky Replacement New Feature in Adobe Photoshop

Sky Replacement New Feature in Adobe Photoshop

Today in this post I will explain a very new and amazing feature of Adobe Photoshop that is Sky Replacement. In previous versions the replacement of sky in the images and photos was difficult. Because first you have to select the area, then you bring the sky image in selected area. then smoothness of selection edges. But now just with one click we can replace the sky and even Photoshop offers a good number of various beautiful and stunning sky options. So we can choose one of them. For this tutorial we will use this below image

When you open the image in Adobe Photoshop, now just see under edit option in the menu, you will find Sky replacement option.

When you click on this option, a panel will appear like this.

Now here you can see few options and these are

  • Sky drop down menu
  • Shift Edge
  • Fade Edge
  • Sky Adjustments with Brightness, Temperature and Scale
  • Foreground Adjustments with Lighting mode, Lighting adjustment and color adjustment
  • Output to New Layers or Duplicate Layer

If you open the drop-down menu of sky options, you will find three categories and these are Blue Skies, Spectacular and Sunsets. I have selected one of the Blue Skies. You can also edit edge and sky adjustment options. As I have reduced the brightness as per my image. See how this will apply to image

I hope you have learnt now that how to replace the sky of image in Photoshop. If you want to see my video on YouTube, you can see below


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