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Plastic lunch boxes harmful or beneficial for children

Plastic lunch boxes harmful or beneficial for children

The use of plastic lunch boxes among school-going children can be disastrous for their health. Mothers pack food for children in plastic lunch boxes, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap (usually used to wrap parathas) for school.

According to the experts, plastic and aluminum are not good for children, because they affect the hormones of children and also deprive the body of essential minerals. Therefore people should avoid it and according to them, the use of steel lunch boxes is better than plastic lunch boxes.

According to these experts, plastics release toxic chemicals on any hot food item. On the other hand, the use of such a lunch box that is made of steel has a positive effect on the health of the kids. Similarly, the use of plastic bottles has also been prohibited and instead of them, the use of copper and steel bottles has been suggested.


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