Paula Abdul fell from the Stage during the Concert

Paula Abdul is a very famous and popular American dancer, singer, actress and the personality of the television. In a night show on Saturday in Biloxi, Mississipi she was singing a song “The promise of a New Day” when she suddenly fell down from the stage.

Actually, she was coming down from the stage to say Hi to her thousands of fans. That time she fell down and lots of people were shouting just because of the disappointment.

The awesome news that after fell down from the stage the Paula Abdul got back to the stage, even she didn’t miss a single beat. She came back to the stage because she wanted to finish her song.

According to the one statement of Paula, she is dancing for a number of years therefore falling and dropping is normal for her. But the amazing thing of Paula is that she came back and she finished her song just like a champ. We really appreciate.

Post Author: Yasir Butt


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