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In these days doing a job from morning to evening is a tough task for a normal person. If you know some best and easy ways to make money online you can get rid of your morning job. Obviously, there are several ways which you can use to earn a pretty income online. But today we will discuss the affiliate marketing, actually what is the affiliate marketing and how you can apply this method for online earning.

What is Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of online e-commerce websites which are selling different kinds of digital and physical products. So if you sell their products they give you a commission that is called affiliate marketing. Now the percentage of profit depends on the company and the website, some companies give you a 10% profit on the sale and some give you 5% and some even more than 50%.

Amazon affiliate marketing to make money online

The company Amazon is the most popular and famous e-commerce platform in this world. They are providing their professional services since 1994. Now they have different offices in several countries. There are millions of products which you can find at Amazon website. Amazon allows you to sell their products online through different sources. Now the question is from where a person can start this affiliate marketing with Amazon. First of all, you have to register at Amazon Associate. Once you open the website you can see something like this at their Home Page

make money online amazon associates

Click on Join now for free button. If you have already an Amazon account you can sign in with your existing account. But you have to fill the form which is mandatory here to join this affiliate program. Once you register, after registration normally the Amazon approve your account instantly. Now you have full control over your Amazon affiliate account.

There are different sections in product linking which you can use to start your work and these are

  • Product Links
  • Banners
  • Native Shopping Ads
  • Mobile Popover
  • Link to any page

amazon associate product linking

Product Links

Click on the product links you can see like this

amazon product links

Now here you can use three steps and these are

  • Product search
  • Select Product
  • Customize & get HTML

Search with any keyword like here you can see the result with the laptop keyword

amazon laptop search

Or if you open the Amazon main website then open any product and in the product details you can find ASIN/ISBN for that specific product, copy that and paste in the search box. Then Amazon affiliate will show you only that product. So if you click on get link of any product then this will appear

amazon product link options

There are three options which you can use here and these are

  • Text and Image
  • Text Only
  • Image Only

In every option, you can find a box below where you can get the HTML code for that specific product. So just copy and paste that code in your website and the product will appear there. Before this where you can see the products list after the search if you remember we clicked on the get link button. There is also an arrow with the button if you click on that arrow then Amazon will show you a box like this

amazon product text link

You can directly copy and paste the link in your website or even you can use short URL with


Next, if you visit banners section in the product linking you can see different Amazon categories. If you click on any category then according to that specific category you can find different dimensions for the banners. With every dimension, you will find IFrame and JS code which you can put in your website.

amazon banner links

Native Shopping Ads

Native shopping ads can recommend different products in your article. You can include anywhere in the article, better to use at the bottom of the page. There are three types in this section and these are

  • Recommendation Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Custom Ads

amazon recommendation ads

Click on create recommendation ads then you can see a section for Your Ad Preferences

Type your ad name then select one of the ad formats, there are three types

  • Grid
  • List
  • Strip

Then select one or more than one category in the categories field, at the bottom in the advanced setting make sure Ad size is responsive. Then click on save and view Ad Code. Now you can use this code in your Website. Same you can create search or custom ads.

Mobile Popover

Now select mobile popover option in the product linking section, here you can follow three simple steps to use this method. Copy the JavaScript code, paste in your blog or website and then preview the popover on your mobile device.

Link to Any Page

Visit this section here you can find three options and these are

  • favourite destinations
  • search results
  • any page

Use one of them if you want to make a link for any product. I hope you have learnt a lot about affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading.


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