How to remove pimples and use Camera Raw Filter

If you have pimples and these spots also creating problems for you in your images. Now if you want to remove pimples in your image I have a very best solution which you can apply using adobe photoshop cc. How to remove pimples, this is a very old question but now remove pimples from images using the spot healing brush tool and camera raw filter in photoshop.

First of all, we will use this image where we can see a few pimples and image quality is also not perfect.

remove pimples

Remove Pimples with Spot Healing Brush Tool

Now activate this tool “spot healing brush tool” which you can see on the left side in the tools panel.

spot healing brush tool

When you activate this tool then on top just after the menu bar you can see the options panel. In this panel, you will find three options and these are

  • Content-Aware
  • Create Texture
  • Proximity Match

Just make sure that Content-Aware is selected. Now move your mouse in the image document and then click one by one on all pimples. Just with one click, the tool will remove one pimple. So you can remove all pimples now. Even this tool will remove any kind of spot on the face as well. Now once we have removed the pimples we can see the image like this.

without pimples

Camera Raw Filter

Perfect! the pimples have been removed but the image quality is still not perfect. Now in the menu bar click on the filter option and then you will find Camera Raw Filter.

camera raw filter in photoshop

Once you click this, a new pop up window will appear in the adobe photoshop like this.

camera raw filter options

Now here these different options are.

  • Temperature
  • Tint
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation

These options are just like adjustment of the layers options in photoshop. For these options by default, the value is 0 with every option. I have changed some of the values and now the values are

  • Highlights +33
  • Shadows +23
  • Whites +37
  • Blacks +1
  • Clarity -68

All other values are still 0. The values I changed for the above image and now you can see the image will be like this.

with camera raw filter

Now image quality has been changed just because of this camera raw filter option. Remember one thing you can apply the options values according to your requirements.

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