How to make Pizza slice vector in Adobe Illustrator

Now if you see in the online market the vectors have become very popular. Companies are using vectors even for their advertisement purposes. Adobe illustrator cc is a software which is famous for vector creation. In this software, you can make professional vectors for different objects using various tools and options. Pizza slice vector is one of these vectors and today I will show you that how you can make this vector from scratch to the advanced level.

Pizza slice Vector Process in Adobe Illustrator

First of all, open the software and then go to the file option in the menu and then click New. Or just press Ctrl + N in your computer and press Command + N if you are using Mac operating system.

illustrator file new

Now a new document window will appear where you have to create a new custom document and the settings you can apply like this

  • Preset Details (Pizza Slice Vector)
  • Width 700 px
  • Height 500 px
  • Artboards 1
  • Bleed 0 px from all sides

Then click on the create button.

pizza slice vector illustrator

Then you can press Ctrl + 0 or Command + 0 on your keyboard so Illustrator will show you 100% document size. Select the polygon tool from the left side (tools panel).

polygon tool illustrator cc

Now press and hold the shift key on your keyboard and then click inside the document a window will appear like this.

polygon options in illustrator cc

There are two options in this window and these are

  • Radius
  • Sides

By default, the radius is 50 px and sides are 6. No need to change the radius but change sides option from 6 to 3 and then click the OK button. One triangle shape will appear like this

triangle in illustrator cc

Now select the selection tool from the tools panel in the left side and then change the size of this triangle. Then press Shift + F7 on your keyboard or click Window option in the menu bar on top and then select Align.

window align illustrator cc

Align panel will appear like this.

align panel illustrator cc

Just make sure align to artboard is enable like this

align to artboard illustrator

Then in the first row where you can see the title is “Align Objects”. Select center options in both of them. These are

  • Horizontal Align Center
  • Vertical Align Center

Now right click on your shape then select transform and reflect. Settings of reflect panel should be these

reflect options illustrator cc

This will change the horizontal position of the shape.

after reflect triangle illustrator cc

Now in the window options select Swatch libraries then Foods and then Vegetables. Just because of this vegetables colors panel will appear in your software.

vegetable color panel illustrator cc

Now you can apply any color from here. But I have applied the first color from the right side of the third row.

vegetable color triangle

There is one border if you can see with your shape, just select the shape and in the control panel on top remove this, select the second color and choose this.

no border color illustrator

Create a new circle shape with this dimension

  • width 48 px
  • height 48 px

Even you can select any dimension but this will look good. After creating the circle shape now press and hold Alt key on your keyboard then drag and drop more duplicate shapes from this circle and put them in the triangle like this.

triangles with circles in illustrator cc

Now select all shapes by press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. This will select all shapes and then select shape builder tool from the tools panel or just press Shift + M on your keyboard which is the keyboard shortcut key for the shape builder tool.

shape builder tool illustrator cc

When this tool is selected, now press and hold Alt key on your keyboard and click on the parts of the circle shapes which are outside of the triangle. This will subtract these parts and the shape will look like this.

after shape builder triangle illustrator

Now create a duplicate circle outside of this triangle shape and change the color to black. Then make a duplicate for this circle. Change the color of this new circle to white and place it on the black circle. Change the size of this white circle and the shape should be like this

two circles illustrator cc

Now the circle which is on the top, that circle color is white. Now select both circles and then activate the shape builder tool and then click inside of the white circle, I mean to say on the white color you can click, this step will subtract this white part and now we have only that black part. Then make some duplicates for this shape and place them in your pizza slice. It should be like this.

pizza slice with circles illustrator cc

Now create mushroom with the pen tool. Then this will look like this

pizza with circle and mushroom illustrator

Now if you want to apply more features you can apply according to your requirements. The pizza slice is ready. For more details, you can also see below videos.

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