How to become a Professional Graphic Designer

There are lots of graphic designing jobs in the market. People want to increase their graphic designing skills. Obviously, you need a few things which can turn yourself into a professional graphic designer. But the question is from where you should start and which software is good for you.

Software to become a professional graphic designer

  • Photoshop CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • Indesign CC
  • Corel Draw

If you learn above software list you can become a graphic designer and even you can get a job anywhere in the world. Because some skills have unique qualities, I mean to say designing is the need of almost every company. Maybe you are an accountant but this job is not for every company. But there are few jobs and the description of these jobs now mandatory for every company just because of social and digital media. Like every company wants a professional web developer and a graphic designer. So now we will discuss graphic designing software in details, actually what you will able to design after learning the software.


This is the software of designing if you learn this software you can design this type of stuff

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Web Templates
  • Mobile Templates

Actually, you can work in adobe photoshop as

  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D graphic designer
  • Web Designer
  • Video editor
  • Mobile App Designer

Photoshop allows you to edit your images professionally. There are some tools in this software which are really unique tools like the Clone Stamp tool and Spot healing brush tool. You can also use camera raw filter in adobe photoshop to apply stunning and beautiful effects. You can select some specific parts of the images and then you can paste in other documents. By using the most famous tool pen tool you can make professional logos.

Now you can work as a video editor also in Photoshop. There is one workspace which is called motion workspace by using this workspace you can change the interface of your software. Which will allow you to edit videos, even you will able to create videos from scratch to the advanced level. As a mobile App designer, you can make professional templates for a mobile app which can convert into a running application through Android Studio. As a web designer, you can make professional web templates for your websites which can convert into a running website using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

3D Designing in Photoshop

As a 3d graphic designer you can make the professional 3d text even you can apply 3d effects to your images as well. The 3d text is the need of today modern development. Almost all companies advertise their business online and using 3d effects you can make professional stuff in the adobe photoshop.


Illustrator is famous just because of the vectors in this software. In this software, you can also design all the things which you can design in Photoshop. In this software, you can make professional logos. Believe me, if you learn this software you can earn a very pretty income online through different freelancing websites like and In these websites you can find a lot of work, after learning Illustrator you can apply for the different jobs, get work and earn more.

Different tools in Illustrator

In this software, there are lots of tools like the shape builder tool and pen tool which allows you to make beautiful and unique things. Use perspective tools to apply 3d effects in your documents. You can also make certificates like gift certificates and appreciation certificates in the software. You can find hundreds of beautiful symbols in this software which you can use in your work. Color collection is really awesome here, for example, if you want to make a pizza slice vector you can find the vegetable color collection. You can make more than one artboards in Illustrator, so you can extend your work in a single document. Pathfinder will allow you to make beautiful shapes.

You can make a unique path with the pencil tool and then you can apply a smooth tool to these shapes. No doubt in these days companies are using typography to advertise their business and if you learn typography in Illustrator you can make beautiful things in this software. Even infographics are the very professional part of every graphic designer because you can make a unique document after learning infographics. If you have an idea about the calligraphy which is a very old skill and art learn calligraphy in Illustrator and make unique and beautiful text.

The text effects are very beautiful in software like text wrap. Even touch type tool is my favorite tool which allows us to make beautiful text. For the selection of the vectors, you can use the Lasso tool and the Magic wand tool. Learn these graphic styles and apply them to your documents. You can also work as a mobile App designer in the software to learn how to design a mobile App template in Illustrator. A business card is a very important thing for a graphic designer because if you are working in a digital designing agency you have to design business cards for different companies so learn business card designing as well in the Illustrator. Arrows designing is also very awesome in Illustrator.


Indesign is the software where you can make professional magazines, ebook, CVS and web templates. In this software, you can use a professional grid system like 12 columns grid or 24 columns grid. Which allows you to align the objects in your documents professionally. The tools in this software are really awesome and pages system is also very good in this software. Because you can apply one thing multiple times in the pages. Here you will find the Master page and other pages as well. I recommend this software to the people who really want to design newspaper templates and pdf ebooks.

Corel Draw

Another software is Corel Draw. Which is also a very nice software for a professional graphics designer. All things which you can do in Photoshop, Illustrator and in Indesign, you can do in Corel Draw. Like from images editing up to the designing of the brochures, flyers, business card, web templates, and mobile templates.

So finally, as a result, I recommend all these software to you if you want to become a professional graphic designer. Learn all software from scratch to the advanced level. Furthermore, if you want any kind of training for this graphic designing software please don’t hesitate to Contact me.


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