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How to add Reading Progress in WordPress Website

How to add Reading Progress in WordPress Website

If you have developed a website using the WordPress Content Management System and now if you want to add reading progress in your website, so here I will teach you the complete process. First of all, we should know that what is the Reading Progress. This appears just after the URL address bar in the browser. When a user scroll down the website the reading progress appears slowly and it completes when the user scroll down the full page.

Install WP Reading Progress Plugin

Open the dashboard of your website and go the plugins section. Once you open the plugins page now search for the “WP reading Progress” plugin in the search box. Once you hit the enter button, you will see a few results will come up and WP reading progress By Ruige hond is one of them. So just install and activate this specific plugin.

Once you activate this plugin, in the installed plugins page you can see this plugin will appear. You can see the settings option just below this plugin name. Or in the dashboard, in the settings section of WordPress you can also see “WP Reading Progress”. Now open your website front-end and refresh the page, you can see the progress reading line will appear on the top and this will increase once you scroll down the page. If you open the settings of this plugin, this will appear something like this

These settings options are

  • Stick the bar to this element
  • How to stick
  • Color of the progress bar
  • Progress bar thickness
  • Aria label
  • Make bar start at 0%
  • On single post page
  • Show reading progress on
  • And on their archives
  • No css

Using these options you can apply different things, for instance if you want to stick the on bottom, you can write bottom instead of top. You can also change the color of the progress bar. Then you can also change the progress bar thickness. You can show reading progress on post, page, attachment and project. Select the options as per your requirements. For further clarification, please watch the video below


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