Google 2 step verification to secure your Account

Why Google 2 Step verification is Good for you

Here, first of all I will show you how you can use google 2 step verification, which will make your account more secure and no one will able to log in your account without a special unique code which Google sends to your mobile phone after you enable Gmail 2 step verification.

First of all, log in to your Gmail account and click on the profile image which you can find on the top right of the browser. Then click Google Account button.

google account

Once you click on the Google Account button you can see that a new tab will appear in your browser where you can control, protect and secure your account. All these things you can find in one place. Here you can see different sections these are

  • Sign-in & security
  • Personal info & privacy
  • Account preferences
  • Security Checkup
  • Privacy Checkup
  • Find your phone
  • My Activity

google sign in and security

Now click on Signing in to Google which you can find in the very first section. After the click, you can see another page where you have two subsections in the main section “Signing in to Google” and these are

  • Password & sign-in method
  • Account recovery options

In the first subsection, you can see three options and these are

  • Password
  • 2-Step Verification
  • App Passwords

Password & sign-in method

google password and sign in method

Now click on 2-Step Verification option. Just because of the security reasons Gmail will ask you to put the password again. Now you can see a window where you can protect your account with 2-Step Verification. Now if you enable this then next time always you’ll need a verification code along with your password. Now click on Get Started.

gmail protect your account

Now you can see that a window now clicks on Try it Now. If you are signed in, in any device Google will send you one message that “are you trying to sign in” just click on yes. Now add a backup option with your mobile number. Then Google will ask you in the same step that how you want to receive the codes?

Receiving Codes Options

  • Text Messages
  • Phone Call

Similarly, you can select one of them and then click the Send button. Now for the confirmation, Google will send a text message on your mobile number just enter the number and then click on the Next Button. Now click on the Turn on button. Now every time when you will log in from any device, Google will send you the verification code. As a result, now 2-step verification has been enabled in your account.

Above all steps are according to my best knowledge. Finally if you want more clarification don’t hesitate to contact me through my Contact Page. If you want to read even more tutorials you can ask me to create update tutorial according to your requirements.


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