Extra Use of Watermelon can be Dangerous But How?

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extra use of watermelon

As soon as the summer season comes, we can see the availability of Watermelon in the markets of Fruits. Food and health experts recommend watermelon to control dehydration, to make the mood more better and pleasant in the season of Ramadan (Islamic Month). Thus you can get a number of health benefits.

According to health experts, water is the basic need of our body. But excess water can be dangerous for health as well. Increasing of water quantity in the body can decrease the level of Salt, In the result, the headache and a lot of other problems can occur. Therefore the use of Watermelon can increase the level of water in the body. Due to this extra water and pressure, the blood pressure will increase and you will feel tiredness and swelling in the legs. Even the performance of kidneys can also be disturb.

In a watermelon, there is 92% of water and this water is so good for the cleaning of kidneys and Intestines. Along with the water in watermelon there are a lot of natural ingredients including Vitamin B, B6, C, Potassium, Lycopene and other ingredients that are called basics for health, while the extra use of this fruit can also apply negative effects on health.

Watermelon is a best source of getting fiber and water. If you eat this fruit more than normal, you can get problems like Digestive system problems, cholera and Gas problems. The extra quantity of Lycopene in the watermelon is also called harmful to the health. The diabetes patients should use any fruit in a low quantity, so the watermelon can also increase the level of sugar in the blood. Glycemic index in the watermelon can also be harmful for the patients of diabetes. So always consult a doctor before eating the Watermelon.

The fruits full of potassium play very good role to keep strong your heart, bones and muscles. But extra use of potassium but the extra use of potassium can create problems in heart beat and also problems related to the blood arteries. According to the food experts, in a 100 grams of watermelon there are 30 calories and 6 grams sugar. According to these experts, half kg of watermelon can eat daily. In this quantity of watermelon, there are 150 calories. If you increase the use of watermelon, this can increase the sugar level and calories. The level of sugar can increase to 30 grams in half kg of watermelon. Therefore you should know about these calories and sugar before the use of Watermelon.

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