Cowboys achieve Amari cooper after offer more than Eagles

The fans of eagles quietly wait for Howie Roseman to accomplish few of his magic, the Dallas Cowboys went out received the very appealing and charming names on the block of trading.

This is really a big-time move and it appeared at the price of the big-time. A first-round pick, as per ESPN.

Even the struggles of the Eagles in every season have announced to the Cowboys that to make a move obviously there is a chance and win the NFC East. This step will build the Cowboys a better and higher quality team.

The Eagles also require another receiver and Cooper was a name. But pick of the first round is a large and huge price to pay and there are lots of chances for the Cowboys that the pick of the first round will be much better than the Eagles depends on how the current season will finish.

Dallas Cowboys Record

Through these, all seven games the Cowboys record is same 3-4 as the Eagles and help have been added now. At the week of the bye, maybe they will have a chance to get Cooper to prepare to play for the next game.

When Dez Bryant was yet in his prime, the Cowboys haven’t a Number one receiver for the years. So far in this season, their leading receiver is Cole Beasley, he has two touchdowns and thirty-three catches.

Overall pick in twenty fifteen 2015 the Cooper was the number four. For his rocky deal, this is the last year, but the option for his fifth-year will pay him almost fourteen million dollars in the next season.

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