Benefits of Wearing Socks During Sleep in Night

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socks during sleep

Sleeping at night with socks consider very defective, But now one American doctor has explained a very astonishing benefit of wearing socks during sleep at night. According to the MailOnline, Doctor Jessica Andrade has explained in her TikTok video that the standard of sleep can be better by wearing the sock at night. Because socks help to control the temperature of the body.

According to Doctor Jessica, the people who go to bed with socks can sleep soon as compare to the other people who go to bed without socks. If you wear the socks during sleep, your pressure of blood will be more towards the feet and due to this heat will be out from your body. As a result of this, you will get a very comfortable and pleasant sleep.

On this statement of Doctor Jessica, another doctor Alex Agostini from the University of South Australia said, “This statement is not so simple or easy as Doctor Jessica said”. If you are a person that your feet get hot if you wear the socks during sleep then these socks also can be a cause of restlessness for you. Every person should take steps for his/her better sleep according to the mood. It’s not necessary that one method will be effective for all people.

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