learn pizza slice vector process

How to make Pizza slice vector in Adobe Illustrator

Now if you see in the online market the vectors have become very popular. Companies are using vectors even for their advertisement purposes. Adobe illustrator cc is a software which is famous for vector creation. In this software, you can make professional vectors for different objects using various tools and options. Pizza slice vector is one […]

arrows in the adobe indesign cc

Working with arrows in adobe InDesign

When you are designing ebooks or even if you are creating brochures, flyers or cv’s in Adobe InDesign, often we need arrows in our documents. So creating arrows in Adobe InDesign is not as difficult as we think. Here we will discuss the process of arrows making in InDesign. How to make Arrows in Adobe […]

with camera raw filter

How to remove pimples and use Camera Raw Filter

If you have pimples and these spots also creating problems for you in your images. Now if you want to remove pimples in your image I have a very best solution which you can apply using adobe photoshop cc. How to remove pimples, this is a very old question but now remove pimples from images […]

google docs online

Create newsletter template with Google docs online

Why Google Docs Online is Important for your Documents Google docs online is a free and open source software which is based on web developed by Google. The software is written in JavaScript and allows you to create different types of online documents. You can open Google Docs Here. The software offers various beautiful and professional […]

professional graphic designer

How to become a Professional Graphic Designer

There are lots of graphic designing jobs in the market. People want to increase their graphic designing skills. Obviously, you need a few things which can turn yourself into a professional graphic designer. But the question is from where you should start and which software is good for you. Software to become a professional graphic […]

What is XAMPP server and how to Install it

Today I will discuss here what is XAMPP server and how you can install this software on your computer. What is XAMPP The question is very common and can be asked by any beginner web developer. XAMPP is a free and open-source platform which you can install in your computer. This will make your computer […]

how to reduce weight with honey

Simple and easy ways to reduce weight with Honey

Reduce weight with Honey is Possible Honey is a gift from GOD and there are unlimited benefits of this precious gift. No doubt there is a very important role of honey to save you from a different kind of diseases. But there is one very interesting thing that honey is also a very simple prescription […]