Home Remedies to Drive Away Lizards from Houses

Umair Butt
drive away lizards

Usually, women are facing problems and issues due to the cockroaches in the houses, but the lizards are also a source of problems for them. The reason for the existence of lizards in the home is the dark places where they enjoy a lot. Therefore try to turn on the lights in all corners of your house. Today I am going to share some best tips and home remedies to get rid of these dangerous lizards. 

House Cleaning

house cleaning

Make sure that you are cleaning your house properly. Dirt is one of the main reasons that lizards are existing in your home. Because the lizards eat insects which are created due to the dirt in the house, therefore, first of all, try to clean your home totally. 



Next time when you make an egg at home, don't waste the eggshell. Instead of wasting it keep it in such a place in your kitchen where the lizards come from. The lizards don't like the smell of eggshells and they run away from the eggshell.

Coffee Powder

coffee powder

You should make some small balls by collecting coffee powder and tobacco together. Keep them in a box of toothpicks. The smell of this mixture is so dangerous for the lizards that they will definitely kill. Make sure to throw these dead lizards out of your house immediately so the kids will be saved from them. 



You will be happy after listening to this, the garlic is also very good for getting rid of lizards. The places from where there are chances of lizards entrance hang the garlic there. The lizards will never enter your house.



The same concept and method of garlic can be applied to onions to get rid of lizards.

Cold Water

cold water

Lizards are considered among such insects to which the change in temperature is so dangerous. If you see the lizard on your wall, just throw the cold water on it. This will shock the lizard and make it completely unresponsive. During this time you can kill the lizard or sweep it out of the home with a broom.

Fly Paper

Usually, people use this paper to catch the bees but if you want you can keep this paper in your kitchen in such a method that a lizard will come over the paper. Now you can easily throw the lizard out of the house.

The Wings of Birds

the wings of birds

The lizards fear the wings of birds too much. The reason is the birds eat them. If you hang the wings of birds in your home, the lizards will think that the birds are nearby and they will run away from that place. 

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